CHCCCS019 – Recognise and respond to crisis situations

Also referred to as Mental Health First Response, this course describes the skills and knowledge required to recognise situations where people may be in imminent crisis. You will learn to work collaboratively to minimise any safety concerns and make plans to access required support services. This course is suitable for any community services worker involved in crisis. The management of the crisis may involve face-to-face, telephone, or remote contact with persons involved.

Course information:

  • There is no pre-requisite

Award issued:

  • participants who are deemed competent upon completing all the course requirements (theory and practical assessments) will receive a Statement of Attainment in:
    • CHCCCS019 – Recognise and respond to crisis situations

Course requirements:

  • all participants must have a moderate level of English to be able to complete the course

Course duration: 16 hrs face-to-face or 8 hrs face-to-face and 8 hrs eLearning

Assessment requirements:  

Participants will be provided with an assessment workbook which contains the theory assessments and details of the practical assessments.

  • the theory assessment consists of multiple-choice quiz and short answer questions
  • the practical assessment consists of practical exercises, workplace-based scenarios
  • Topics included in the assessments:
    • Duty of care
    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Following workplace procedures
    • Boundaries, responsibilities and limitations
    • Communication skills
    • Common signs or indications of crisis in other people
    • Handle specific crisis situations (abuse, suicide, harm to others)
    • Principles and practices of crisis intervention
    • Addressing safety concerns
    • Referrals and self-care

Essential outcomes:

  • Identify imminent crisis situations
  • Address immediate safety concerns
  • Provide referral for crisis intervention support
  • Care for self

Cost:  From $350 per participant when conducted at suitable locations as determined by Aspen Medical Training Academy.  For quoting at your desired location, send us an enquiry via the ‘Enquire now’ link below.

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